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Code Of Conduct/Financial Liability: Required Reading

Code of Conduct


Welcome to Core Athletix!  We welcome you to the best program in New York. Over the past several years our program has set a standard of excellence that cannot be matched. 

 In the following pages you will find an outline of our:

  • Policies and Expectation

  • Commitment and Expenses

  • And much more.


Please take time to read all information carefully.  The Core Athletix can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your child’s life.

 The goal of the Core Athletix is to make sure that your child feels better about his/herself at the end of the year then he/she did at the start of the season.  The Core staff is dedicated to making this happen; we will work very hard to make this a positive experience for all involved.  After all, cheerleading is about making memories.

 We invite and encourage our parents to be involved with the program by supporting and participating through our various Parent Committees.  You will meet new friends and share in the excitement of watching your child learn, grow and have the time of their life.

 Again, welcome to the Core Athletix family!  This is going to be our best year yet and we are looking forward to sharing the experience with you.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact your gym.

 Team Selection Process:

Core Athletix does not choose teams based on the age/tumbling or any other skill or criteria of a particular athlete alone.   Team selection is based on a large number of factors, all with the ultimate goal of making the most competitive teams possible.  These decisions are never taken lightly and will always be decided by the Owner/Gym Director with possible input from the team coaches only.

 Core Athletix will not strip lower level teams of age appropriate athletes in order to fill higher level teams, as that does not fit into the Core philosophy which is always Program 1st, Team 2nd, and Individual 3rd.

Keep in mind; program and team needs vary by year, hence the need for tryouts.  Through the tryout process, we will determine (based on the tryout data we have available), the most appropriate team or teams for each athlete.  That does not mean the athlete has no opportunity to move up or down levels throughout the year, they do.  We reserve the right to move athletes from team to team throughout the season as necessary based on skill progression or regression as well as team needs. 

 For double teamers, age/skill appropriate teams are ALWAYS the main team of the athlete.  Double teaming allows the athlete the opportunity to cheer “UP” a level. If an athlete can no longer double team, they may remain on the age/skill appropriate team, not the higher level team.  Additionally, if an athlete chooses to drop from a higher level team without proper cause, they may be removed from all teams at the discretion of the gym owner/program director.

 General Rules

  • No smoking, drinking, or drug use.These can warrant immediate dismissal from the program.

  • We will do our best to work around extra-curricular activities.However, if another activity conflicts with our mandatory practices or competitions, athletes may have to make a choice.

  • NO GOSSIP about any other team, team member or program.

  • No profanity or abusive language.

  • All squad and routine decisions are left to the discretion of the coaches and gym owner.

  • The dismissal or addition of anyone is the coach’s discretion.

  • Practices may be changed and/or added throughout the season.

  • Parents are not to pull their child from practices and/or competitions as a means of punishment for actions outside the gym.You not only punish your child, but every other child and parent on the team, all of which have a significant emotional and financial investment.If this happens the athlete will be pulled from the routine.

  • Each team will be assigned other teams to watch at competitions.Schedules will be given out prior to competitions and must be followed, no exceptions.

  • Athletes are required to stay through the award ceremony at competitions.This means that if a parent is unable to stay for the whole competition, arrangements must be made so the athlete can stay.

  • Core cheerleaders and Core family/friends will show good sportsmanship at all times.


  • Insubordination is unacceptable!The following actions can result in removal from practice or the team:

    • Temper tantrums, outbursts

    • Profanity, lewd language

    • Showing disrespect to coaches or other team members

    • Lack of participation or poor attitude

  • There will be no arguing or questioning of the coaching staff‘s decisions at any time by parents or athletes.The Core staff will always make decisions based on what is best for the program, the team and then the individual athlete.

  • The Gym Director may change, add, or subtract any rule at any time.

  • All parental questions (other than those specific to the skill enhancement of your own child) should be directed to the Office Manager.The office manager will then discuss the matter with the appropriate personnel to appropriately answer any questions.

  • Coaches and or staff other than the Office Manager should not be addressed with questions regarding team placement or specific positioning of athletes on any team or in any routine.

  • The parent area is a privilege and should be treated as such.Any parent that is gossiping or being disruptive in any manner inside the gym or at a competition will be banned from the gym for the balance of the season.Multiple infractions may result in the athlete being removed from the program as well.

  • Absolutely no standing in the doorway of the parent area and the gym. It is a safety hazard and disruption to the teams practicing.One warning will be given and then the parent will be asked to leave the gym for one month.


  • Parents and Relative Expectations

  • Only cheerleaders and coaches are allowed in the gym area.

  • The parent area is a privilege and if abused, the Gym Director may close the parent area during practice times.

  • Again, absolutely no standing in the doorway between the parent area and the gym floors.It is a distraction and safety hazard.One warning will be given and then the parent being asked to stay out of the gym for one month.

  • All practices will be closed, but at least two adult staff members will be present at All times throughout the practices to ensure your child’s safety.

  • If you have a concern that needs immediate attention please use the following chain of command:

    • Office Manager

    • Gym Director

Parent Committees and Involvement

  • We ask that all parents be in Core attire at competitions.

  • We are looking for parents to help organize both parent events and team events.

  • We will be looking for team parents for each team.

If you would be interested in any of these positions please contact the Office Manager.


Good sportsmanship, polite manners and a kind disposition are mandatory at all competitions and practices.  Core Athletix prides itself on setting a high standard of behavior.  Please help us to continue in the endeavor.


Practice Attendance and Tardiness

Competitive cheerleading is a TEAM sport.  At Core, commitment to your teammates is one of utmost importance.  Unlike other sports, cheerleading has no second string.  If someone is missing we cannot pull from the bench to replace them.  Attending practice is Mandatory in order to participate.  The greatest benefit of being part of a team is the sense of belonging, this can only be achieved by being dedicated, reliable, and following the rules.   

There are only two valid reasons for missing practice

(Coaches must be notified 2 weeks in advance in order to find a fill in):

1.) School event that you are graded on (such as a chorus concert); and you must give a two week notice

2.) Illness with high fever, coughing, vomiting, or contagiousness (such as Strep throat).

 Excessive tardiness and/or absences may result in dismissal from the team. Absence from a competition may result in being taken out of the competition routine and/or dismissal from the team.

 JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH and APRIL are our national season and practices will be very important.  Cheerleaders who miss during these months may be pulled from the routine. 

If you are sick (non-contagious) or injured, you must still attend practice.  You will not be required to participate, but you will be expected to watch and support your team.

Vacations should be scheduled during gym breaks and never during competition season.

 Gym Dress Code

  • Practice wear must be worn to all practices; Core t-shirt, bow for girls, shorts or Nike pros.

  • Athletes not in proper attire will not participate in practice.It will count as an unexcused absence.

  • NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND!Jewelry is illegal at competitions as it can cause injury; therefore, it has no place at practice.

  • Hair is to be pulled back out of face at all times.

  • All cell phones are to be turned off and left outside of the practice area.

  • No Gum.

  • Fingernails are to be kept short, please no long fake fingernails.


All-star cheerleading is a very strenuous sport.  Therefore, all of the athletes in our program are expected to be in top physical shape.  This includes flexibility, strength and endurance.  Members of our coaching staff have backgrounds in conditioning and nutrition. If you would like more information on training tips please ask.

All team members are expected to take good care of their bodies.  This means NO DRUGS, NO ALCOHOL AND NO TOBACCO.  If anyone is caught drinking, smoking, using drugs or if there is an eating disorder, the athlete will be expected to take the necessary steps to get help.

 Competitions/Competition Dress Code

  • All competitions will be chosen by the Gym Director.

  • Competition dates and venues will be confirmed as soon as the information is available.

  • FULL UNIFORMS are required during all warm-ups, competitions and awards ceremonies.

  • Full Uniform consists of:uniform top, skirt, cheer bow and cheer sneakers.

  • PARTIAL UNIFORM IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE (ex: jeans and uniform shell)

  • Uniform tops and warm-up pants may be worn to arrive at competition.

  • At no time may skirts be worn over pants.

  • Core jackets may be worn at any time.

  • Cheer sneakers should be worn in the competition arena and throughout the competition day!At no time may flip-flops, sandals, slip on shoes, or boots be worn when representing Core.

  • NO JEWELRY is to be worn at any time during a competition.This could result in disqualification for your team.

  • Hair and make-up must be complete upon arrival at an event.No rollers or inappropriate attire.

  • Athletes not competing may wear warm up pants, a Core Cheer t-shirt, tennis shoes and a jacket.You are still representing Core, and must present yourself in such a way.

    Competition Travel

    We encourage Core athletes to stay at the hotel selected by Core All Stars, Inc., as they are carefully chosen based on safety, location and cost (approximately $100.00 a night), however, we understand that other accommodations may be more suitable for individual family needs.  If you chose to stay at a different hotel, it will be your responsibility to make your child available for any “hotel” activities that may occur, such as team bonding or practices. 

  • There must be a parent in every room, no exceptions.

  • Each cheerleader must have a chaperone at every competition.It is not a team coach or any Core staff members’ responsibility to chaperone athletes.

  • Hotels are paid for directly by the participating family, never by Core All Stars.

  • Typical competitions are: one extended distance competition, 3-4 overnight or weekend competitions, and several local competitions.

  • We recognize that travel is exciting, however, the primary purpose of all trips is the competition.They are not family vacations and should not be treated as such during the competition time frame.All athletes are expected to be at the competition venue supporting all teams from the Core program, no exceptions.

     Disciplinary Policy

    Membership in the Core Athletix is an earned privilege.  A cheerleader’s continued membership and participation depends upon their on-going commitment, dedication, work ethic, and respect for the gym, coaches and teammates while at practice in the gym or at competitions.  Acts of disobedience, disrespect or distracting behaviors are detrimental to individual and team success; therefore, are deemed unacceptable, and will be dealt with swiftly and strictly and on an as needed basis.

     Examples may include but are not limited to acts such as:

  • Defacing the gym facility or other’s property or theft (immediate dismissal and banning from the gym).

  • Foul or inappropriate language or gestures.

  • Any negative social media posts regarding Core, Core Athletes or the Core program.

  • Any threats or talk of “quitting” or “leaving a team” during the season.

  • Turning away from a coach or talking back while getting corrections or instruction.

  • Continued late arrival at practice or competitions without prior notification to the gym.

  • Not paying attention to instructors.

  • Excessive talking during practice to other teammates.

  • Whining or complaining about groupings, drills or instructions from coaches.

  • Any form of fooling around or horseplay.

  • Excessive need to leave practice time for bathroom breaks, drinks, ect.

  • Leaving during competition to visit parents or friends in spectator areas.

  • Temper tantrums in any form or crying for any reason other than an injury.

  • Disrespecting a parent or other adult while in or near a coach or team member.

     Actions listed above or any others that may be deemed inappropriate will be handled based on the severity of the circumstances and may include, a verbal warning, written warning or withdrawal/removal from a team or the entire program.

    Financial Commitment

     All monthly fees will be charged in accordance with the guidelines below.

    • ACH Bank Account Required for Monthly Fee.
      • Monthly fees to be charged to ACH account on the 1st of each month.
    • Credit Card or ACH may be used for additional fees scheduled below.
      • All additional fees may be paid by any method prior to the 15th of each month. As of the 15th, any remaining unpaid balance will be charged to the credit card account on file.
    • Fundraising will be applied when the funds are available and go directly to the account to reduce overall balance.
    • The parent/guardian of any athlete that is leaving the program must send a written email to info@coreathletix.com that they will no longer be a part of Core All Stars.
    • At that time, an additional 2 months of gym fees will be charged to the credit card account on file.
    • Any athlete that quits on or after December 1st will be charged an additional $500 fee to cover the costs of finding a replacement athlete. (Half year, Tiny and Mini additional fee is $200)
    • No refunds of any kind will be given for athletes that quit the program, however, all fees incurred/invoiced up to and including the aforementioned will be due and charged to the card on file immediately.
    • If there is a financial problem, please talk to the Office Manager immediately. Your coach will not be able to advise you on these matters.